The Philosophy of Strategy

Powell, Thomas C (2002) The Philosophy of Strategy. Strategic Management Journal, 23 (9). pp. 873-880.


The recent increase in philosophy of science articles in strategic management reflects researchers' rising concerns with understanding and securing the field's intellectual foundations. This article argues for a proactive approach to the philosophy of strategy, and for the rejection of conventional, 'off-the-shelf' philosophies that neither contemplated, nor can assimilate, the epistemological messiness and action-connectedness of strategic management. The article responds to Rodolphe Durand's critique, revisits the logic of competitive advantage, and makes the case for a pragmatist philosophy of strategy.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Philosophy; Logic; Competitive advantage; Pragmatism
Subject(s): Strategy; Entrepreneurship & Global business
Date Deposited: 11 Feb 2012 20:01
Last Modified: 30 Oct 2017 11:05
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