Agents of change: crossing the post-industrial divide

Heckscher, Charles, Maccoby, Michael, Ramírez, Rafael and Tixier, Pierre-Eric (2003) Agents of change: crossing the post-industrial divide. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 978-0199261741

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This book focuses on the transition faced by business organizations and their stakeholders as they move from protected markets to open competition, and it explores how these changes can be facilitated by outside interveners/agents. Centering on four case studies — AT&T, Lucent, Electricité de France, and the Italian State Railways — the book analyses the approach to intervention, the problems created by existing systems of stakeholder dialogue, and the prospects for change. It draws two fundamental lessons. Firstly, that intervention in these situations must be broad and involving — a ‘full engagement’ approach — in order to achieve changes in relations and identities among a range of players. The book explores the key elements and practical techniques of this approach. Secondly, that the issues ultimately go beyond improving union-management relations or organizational structures; even in the best cases, the players have been unable to reach stable agreements in the face of continuing pressures for change. A deep transformation of the system of stakeholder relations is required — the creation of a system of ‘post-industrial relations’. The book includes discussion of managerial problems and intervention strategies in an ever more responsive and flexible economy, and also the implications for democracy in the work-place and the future of union representation. The book is valuable for consultants, unionists, managers, and public policy makers, and accessible also to students and the interested public.

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