Cutting-Tool Management in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing

Veeramani, Dharmaraj, Upton, David and Barash, Moshe (1992) Cutting-Tool Management in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing. International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, 4 (3-4). pp. 237-265.


The problem of cutting tool management has been brought to the forefront with the emergence of computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) and, in particular, flexible manufacturing systems (FMSs). The financial and operational ramifications of effective tool management has spurred considerable research in this area during the past decade and many researchers are proposing sound solutions to various facets of this broad-ranging and difficult problem. This paper identifies critical areas of research for the development of tool management systems in CIM. To develop a framework for this, the paper examines and categorizes work in academia and in industry on the management of cutting-tools in CIM and describes some key implementations, particularly in the metal-cutting industry. The solution of manufacturing problems generally demands an eclectic approach, and for this reason, we have tried to taxonomize, describe, and critique the various research thrusts in an attempt to provide a synthesis of use in more unified approaches.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Tool management; Cutting-tools; computer-integrated manufacturing
Subject(s): Operations management
Centre: Faculty of Operations Management
Date Deposited: 05 Feb 2012 17:48
Last Modified: 23 Oct 2015 14:06

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