A Labor of Love? Understanding the Influence of Corporate Reputation in the Labor Market

Harvey, William and Morris, Tim (2012) A Labor of Love? Understanding the Influence of Corporate Reputation in the Labor Market. In: Barnett, Michael L. and Pollock, Timothy G., (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation. Oxford Handbooks in Business and Management . Oxford University Press, pp. 341-360. ISBN 978-0199596706

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This paper provided an overview of the literature regarding definitions of corporate reputation before providing a working definition which argued that reputation is reflective and based on preconceptions, social networks and direct experience. They argue that rather than thinking about an aggregated reputation, we should think about organizations having a reputation for something with someone. The paper argued, through analysing the literature on stakeholder theory, social network theory and social capital theory, that different actors and their interactions are critical for creating corporate reputation. A focus of the paper is that labour markets are critical for building reputations within organizations. For instance, within knowledge-based organizations, firms that are able to attract and retain top employees or use former employees as ambassadors have a strategic advantage for bolstering their
reputation. The authors conclude by making the case that professional service firms are a particularly important sector because these organizations are selling a service
rather than a product. As a result, quality is more difficult to assess and therefore arguably stakeholders rely more on a company’s reputation than in other sectors.

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Keywords: Reputation; Labour market; Corporations
Subject(s): Corporate reputation
Organisational behaviour
Professional services
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