How to get the best out of change: an agenda for raising corporate performance

Pettigrew, Andrew and Shaw, David (2000) How to get the best out of change: an agenda for raising corporate performance. European Business Forum, 1. pp. 37-43.

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Organising to obtain substantial performance advantages is an active and continuous process. It involves managing complex interdependencies and is not simply a journey with a fixed end-point which replaces one static organisation structure with another. Moreover, business leaders who are achieving organisational advantages in this way often find they are managing combinations of change that seem paradoxical. For example, they are:

* Decentralising more operational and strategic decisions, while at the same time managing increasingly tightly those few aspects of the business where top management can add real value.

* Empowering people to work in internal networks, while exercising increasing influence from the corporate centre over behaviours, attitudes and values.

* Organising to achieve wide scope through strategic alliances, while maintaining agility and small scale through outsourcing activities and clarifying and focusing portfolio strategy.

This paper is an agenda for introducing new ways of organising that raise corporate performance.

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Keywords: Corporate performance; Innovation
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