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Identifying the underlying structure and dynamic modifications in a voting network

Saavedra, Serguei, Efstathiou, Janet and Reed-Tsochas, Felix (2007) Identifying the underlying structure and dynamic modifications in a voting network. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, 377 (2). pp. 672-688.


We analyse the structure and behaviour of a specific voting network using a dynamic structure-based methodology which draws on Q-Analysis and social network theory. Our empirical focus is on the Eurovision Song Contest over a period of 20 years. For a multicultural contest of this kind, one of the key questions is how the quality of a song is judged and how voting groups emerge. We investigate structures that may identify the winner based purely on the topology of the network. This provides a basic framework to identify what the characteristics associated with becoming a winner are, and may help to establish a homogenous criterion for subjective measures such as quality. Further, we measure the importance of voting cliques, and present a dynamic model based on a changing multidimensional measure of connectivity in order to reveal the formation of emerging community structure within the contest. Finally, we study the dynamic behaviour exhibited by the network in order to understand the clustering of voting preferences and the relationship between local and global properties.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Structure; Network; Q-Analysis; Dynamics; Community structure
Subject(s): Complexity
Management science
Centre: CABDyN Complexity Centre
Date Deposited: 24 Apr 2012 12:39
Last Modified: 07 Nov 2018 15:55

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