Changing the Merger Strategies of Trade Unions. Case Study.

Undy, Roger (2015) Changing the Merger Strategies of Trade Unions. Case Study. University of Oxford.


Research at Oxford, conducted by Roger Undy, assessed the efficacy of 68 transfers and 45 amalgamations of British trade unions and deeply affected the merger strategies of three unions: the IPMS (Institute of Professional, Managers and Specialists); UNIFI (Banking and Finance Union); and PTC (Public Services, Tax and Commerce Union). Each of these unions participated in the research and commissioned associated studies which examined, inter-alia, the relative advantage of the status quo as against a merger; the merits of different merger partners; and the post-merger organization of the new union. By 2012, these unions, assisted by this research, had radically changed their job territories, and internal organization, via a series of mergers. Subsequently, Unionen (Sweden‟s largest union) made improvements in its services, benefits, and bargaining power thanks to Undy‟s research. This impact continues to take effect across other unions, demonstrating the progressive and cumulative effect, and the national and international reach, of the impact of this research.

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Keywords: trade unions, organisation studies
Subject(s): Organisational behaviour
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