Getting Better or Feeling Better? How Equity Investors Respond to Investment Experience

Ramadorai, Tarun, Campbell, John and Ranish, Ben (2014) Getting Better or Feeling Better? How Equity Investors Respond to Investment Experience. Centre for Economic Policy Research Discussion Paper, London.


Using a large representative sample of Indian retail equity investors, many of them new to the stock market, we show that both years of investment experience and feedback from investment returns have significant effects on investor behavior, favored stock styles, and performance. We identify two channels of feedback: performance relative to the market, and the directly-experienced returns to behavior and styles of stock. Both of these vary across investors at a point in time because investors are imperfectly diversified and receive idiosyncratic returns. We find that experienced investors generally behave in a manner more consistent with the recommendations of finance theory, although this tendency is weakened by strong investment performance. High trading profits increase turnover, while high returns to equity styles have a short-term negative and a longer-term positive effect on investors' style demands, possibly reflecting the offsetting effects of disposition bias and style chasing. We document high returns on a portfolio of stocks held by experienced investors, and on individual Indian stocks with an experienced and low-turnover investor base.

Item Type: Other Working Paper
Keywords: disposition effect, diversification, feedback, India, investing, learning, style-investing, turnover, finance
Subject(s): Finance
Date Deposited: 07 Jul 2015 08:29
Last Modified: 07 Dec 2018 13:47
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