Discourse and Institutions

Phillips, Nelson, Lawrence, Thomas B. and Hardy, Cynthia (2004) Discourse and Institutions. Academy of Management review, 29 (4). pp. 635-652.


We argue that the processes underlying institutionalization have not been investigated adequately and that discourse analysis provides a coherent framework for such investigation. Accordingly, we develop a discursive model of institutionalization that highlights the relationships among texts, discourse, institutions, and action. Based on this discursive model, we propose a set of conditions under which institutionalization processes are most likely to occur, and we conclude the article with an exploration of the model's implications for other areas of research.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Discourse analysis, Discursive practices, Communication in organizations, Language & languages, Discourse, Communication -- Research, Content analysis (Communication), Semantics, Criticism, Textual Organizational behavior
Subject(s): Strategy; Entrepreneurship & Global business
Date Deposited: 09 Oct 2015 13:36
Last Modified: 08 Mar 2016 17:21
Funders: N/A
URI: http://eureka.sbs.ox.ac.uk/id/eprint/5577

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