Strategy For A Networked World

Ramírez, Rafael and Mannervik, Ulf, eds. (2016) Strategy For A Networked World. Imperial College Press, London. ISBN 978-1783269921

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During the 1980s and 1990s, Richard Normann and his colleagues developed an original approach to strategy, based on seeing value as inherently co-produced in systems. Their 'Value Creating Systems' approach was a strong contrast to the idea of 'competitive advantage' that defined strategy at the time. The approach focuses on the design of the 'offerings' that define relationships among co-producers, and which connect actors in fields which transcend traditional industry borders. In the contemporary networked world, where consumers become co-producers, the ideas Normann and his colleagues developed towards strategy are uniquely effective in explaining and guiding practice.

Strategy for a Networked World revisits and further develops these ideas. It is co-authored by two long-standing colleagues of Normann, Rafael Ramírez and Ulf Mannervik, who have successfully applied these ideas in their own consultancy practice. This book provides the theoretical basis for strategies of value co-creation, an accessible methodology and practical guidance, cases such as Facebook and The World Economic Forum, and examples of successful collaborations with organisations as EDF, Scania, SCA and Shell.

Designed to advise strategists and business developers working in uncertain complex and turbulent contexts, it is suitable both for practitioners and for academics, combining both theory and the means to turn it into practice. It will also serve as a valuable contribution to MBA classes and the development of more effective business strategies.

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