Appraiser behaviour and appraisal smoothing: some qualitative and quantitative evidence

Baum, Andrew, Crosby, Neil, McAllister, Pat, Gallimore, Paul and Gray, Adelaide (2003) Appraiser behaviour and appraisal smoothing: some qualitative and quantitative evidence. Journal of Property Research, 20 (3). pp. 261-280.


There is a substantial literature which suggests that appraisals are smoothed and lag the true level of prices. This study combines a qualitative interview survey of the leading fund manager/owners in the UK and their appraisers with a empirical study of the number of appraisals which change each month within the IPD Monthly Index. The paper concentrates on how the appraisal process operates for commercial property performance measurement purposes. The survey interviews suggest that periodic appraisal services are consolidating in fewer firms and, within these major firms, appraisers adopt different approaches to changing appraisals on a period by period basis, with some wanting hard transaction evidence while others act on "softer" signals. The survey also indicates a seasonal effect with greater effort and information being applied to annual and quarterly appraisals than monthly. The analysis of the appraisals within the Investment Property Databank Monthly Index confirms this effect with around 5% more appraisals being moved at each quarter day than the other months. January and August have significantly less appraisal changes than other months.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: finance, Appraisal Smoothing, Appraiser Behaviour, Property Index
Subject(s): Finance
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Last Modified: 19 Sep 2018 08:49
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