Strategy as Practice, Process and Institution: Converging on Activity

Whittington, Richard (2016) Strategy as Practice, Process and Institution: Converging on Activity. In: Tsoukas, Haridimos and Langley, Ann, (eds.) Sage Handbook of Process Organization Studies. Sage Publications, London, pp. 387-401. ISBN 978-1446297018


Strategy as Practice reconceives strategy as something people do, rather than something organizations have (Johnson et al., 2003). In this respect, Strategy as Practice sits right between Process and Institutionalist traditions in Organization Theory. By its very title, Strategy as Practice connects to Institutionalist concerns for practices, the institutionalized structures of action (Scott, 2014; Vaara and Whittington, 2012). At the same time, Strategy as Practice's focus on the doing of strategy – strategizing – links directly to the growing preference among Process scholars for verbs over nouns, lived experience over abstract concepts (Langley et al., 2013; Jarzabkowski et al., 2007).

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