Firms, Citizens, and Claims about the Responsibilities of Firms

Cranmer, Laurence (2016) Firms, Citizens, and Claims about the Responsibilities of Firms. Said Business School Working Paper 2018-01.

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This paper starts with a broad observation: there is a public debate about the activities of firms. This debate reveals differences between the parties that extends beyond the substantive issues involved. These differences include questions about the nature of the activities of firms as a whole, and about the firm’s responsibilities.

In order to understand this debate, the approach of this paper is to identify and then to analyse the various types of claim made by citizens and firms about the activities of firms, and in particular the responsibilities of firms. The paper identifies various types of claim, with a central distinction made between marketing claims and direct responsibility claims; all of the types of claim identified are defined for the paper. As the analysis develops some suggestions are made about public reasoning about these claims.

This approach creates the analytical structure of the paper; this aims for clarity, but it is recognised that the approach has significant limitations. It is hoped that the analysis so far makes a contribution to understanding the public debate about the responsibilities of firms, and supports collaboration between the parties involved to arrive at constructive resolutions to the issues raised.

Item Type: Oxford Saïd Research Paper
Keywords: Corporate responsibility, public reasoning, ethical analysis
Date Deposited: 09 Feb 2018 18:15
Last Modified: 09 Feb 2018 18:15

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