Supply Network Resilience: A Review and a Critique of Recent Research

New, Steve and Kito, Tomomi Supply Network Resilience: A Review and a Critique of Recent Research. In: International Manufacturing - revisited embracing new technologies, capabilities and markets. Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium (19th). University of Cambridge. ISBN 978-1902546674


Recent years have seen considerable growth in research on supply network resilience. This has been in part driven by the tragedy of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and also by increasing concerns with the vulnerability of global supply chains to threats from international terrorism. Many researchers have sought to establish the connection between supply network morphology and resilience, asking the question: are some network structures
more resilient than others? In this review, we present a critique of some of this work, focusing on recent contributions by Kim et al (2015), Simchi-Levi et al (2014), Fujimoto and Park (2014) and Olcott and Oliver (2014). We conclude with reflections on the role of the state and the need for participatory planning.

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