Technology in E-business

Piotrowicz, Wojciech (2009) Technology in E-business. In: Reynolds, Jonathan, (ed.) E-Business. A Management Perspective. OUP.


About this book: Presents the subject of e-business from a managerial approach, with a strong theoretical basis and critical underpinning which encourages academic rigour yet maintains its accessible style, ensuring students understand both the academic and practical principles underlying ebusiness. Wide use of up to date international examples and case material to help contextualise the world of e-business using brands that students can relate to. Concise coverage of a broad range of topics that presents ebusiness from a holistic approach and captures the latest trends in the subject area, ensuring students are aware of the mainstream nature of ebusiness in todays marketplace. Provision of additional supporting materials including lecture guide, customisable PowerPoints, bank of additional case studies and author blog.

Chapter 03: Technology in e-business
The purpose of this Chapter has been to present the main issues related to technology in e-business. Technology covers much more than just hardware. Software applications and standards play an important role in integrating internal and inter-organizational data exchange and processes. In this Chapter, current and major trends in systems availability, such as web services and SOA were introduced and summarized, as both aim to create flexible IT systems which can be modified as and when required. In IT development for e-business, selection standards are important, both formal as well as those developed by informal groups such as consortia. Payment in e-business is one of the areas where standardization is needed to provide secure financial transfers. Finally, this Chapter introduced the concept of IT evaluation, indicating the importance of looking at the benefits, costs and risks associated with system selection and implementation.

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Keywords: e-commerce; information technology; technology and operations management
Subject(s): Operations management
Centre: Oxford Institute of Retail Management
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