Eureka was an open access digital archive of research output produced by the Saïd Business School between 2010 and 2020. It was established by Sainsbury library staff, and provided an easy and quick deposit service for academics and research staff of Saïd Business School. Wherever possible, Eureka provided an electronic copy of the full text with each deposit. If an electronic copy could not be provided (due to copyright or any other reason), then Eureka provided a link to the publisher’s webpage.

What did Eureka contain?

Eureka contained research by the academic community of the Saïd Business School. Types of publication included in Eureka were:

  • Journal articles – accepted, in press and published versions
  • Working Papers – both Oxford Saïd Research Papers and other working paper series
  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Conference Papers
  • Theses
  • Research reports

Where is the item I'm looking for?

The item is no longer available on Eureka due to the live repository closing down. Therefore you can try one of the following options to find it:

Technical Help

Any technical correspondence concerning this repository archive should be sent to